With 644 km of coastline and 314.000 of exclusive economic zone, Equatorial Guinea has a rich variety of marine species due to the structure of the marine sector and to a well developed river network.

Equatorial Guinea intends to develop the fishing industry to self-supply the domestic market. Transform the country into a regional leader in marine production and marketing, thus becoming the main supplier of fishery products for the sub-region.

Industrial fishing experienced a drop in production in recent years. Production of 270 tons in 2008 under less than 200 tonnes in 2010. The main cause of this drop was due to the disorganisation of the sector and the limited availability of fishing equipment. Marine data based on production in recent decades indicate that fisheries resources of Equatorial Guinea have an annual production potential of around 75,000 tons.

Main opportunities in the fisheries sector:

  • Development of aquaculture in salt and fresh water.
  • Seafood processing plant.
  • Fisheries production.
  • Supply of fishing vessels.
  • Artisanal fishing.
  •  Installation and repair of nets and gear.