"Creating a competitive economy capable of generating abundant quality jobs, especially for young people. This new diversified economy will improve living standards of citizens, eradicate poverty and create a dominant middle class that will put the country in the group of emerging countries. "

This is the driving force of the Equatoguinean State. Based on this premise, Equatorial Guinea has executed all designed guidelines in its National Development Plan in recent years. Since its establishment, "HOLDING Equatorial Guinea 2020" takes this premise as its own for the execution of its duties. For this reason it ascribes to certain principles that will enable it to carry out its activities without forgetting its main purpose; principles which will be applicable to partner companies.

  • In the first phase of operation, it will only invest in national projects with proven profitability  and generators of employment and added value.
  • Create wealth in the most effective way and serve society with useful products.
  • Improve the possibilities and opportunities of the community where future companies are established.
  • Respect human rights in decent working conditions that promote safety, occupational health and human and professional development of workers.
  • To respect and adhere to existing legal framework.
  • To carry out our activities with the utmost transparency without straying from our corporate ethics, applying the criteria of good governance that the country has adopted in recent years.
  • It will not invest in projects whose principal activity is the production of alcoholic beverages and drugs.