What kind of projects can be submitted?

You can submit projects that focus primarily on the strategic sectors where economic diversification is supported and which meet the following requirements:

  • The project should create a productive activity in the country, generating jobs for the workforce in the strategic sectors for economic diversification.
  • The project must be profitable.
  • The project must provide for the training of human capital for the continuation of productive activity, in the event that foreign private partners retire.
  • The project must provide for the transmission of know-how to nationals.

HOLDING Equatorial Guinea in its first stage will give priority to projects aimed at self-sufficiency in the domestic market.

What guarantees does HOLDING Equatorial Guinea offer to the investor?

HOLDING E.G. counts with the CIF for the co-financing of projects deemed viable and profitable, participating as a minority partner of private investors.

HOLDING E.G.  will offer support to investors dealing with all administrative matters, speeding up the creation of national companies for the execution of projects. HOLDING E.G. is a private partner subject to the regulations of the OHADA. Working with HOLDING E.G. on a project is working with a private structure not with the government directly.

What percentage of participation should you provide as an investor?

When co-financing a project HOLDING E.G.  becomes the minority shareholder of a new national company with a percentage of participation between 49% -1%. Investors, both foreign and domestic, should provide the funding participation which will turn them into senior partners. The leadership and management of the new company will correspond to the majority shareholder.

What can you do if you do not have enough capital to cover the necessary percentage of participation?
In the event that an investor has a project which meets the requirements of HOLDING E.G. but does not have enough capital to cover a majority percentage of the project funding, it may resort to commercial banks or to regional or sub-regional financial institutions to apply for part of the required funding. HOLDING E.G. would  intervene on your behalf to obtain the funding at low cost.

How you can submit your project?

The Co-investment projects can be submitted directly in the offices of HOLDING E.G. or, if already working with the Ministry of your sector, you may refer it to HOLDING E.G. through the relevant government department.

How can you contact HOLDING E. G.?  

Should you wish to contact HOLDING Equatorial Guinea you can do so through this     website, sending an email to info@holdingequatorialguinea.com or visiting our offices in Abayak Building, 5th floor. Malabo II, Airport Highway.