Petrochemical and Mining

Equatorial Guinea is the largest oil producer in the CEMAC zone and the third largest in Africa. Currently, the proven reserves amount to 1.7 billion barrels, equivalent to about 10 years of production at current rates. It should also be taken into consideration that many areas have yet to be explored in detail. Recently eight new exploration contracts have been sighted, four of them on the ground.


At this time, Equatorial Guinea is committed to developing its potential in the petrochemical sector, working with the private sector to create a highly developed and vertically integrated domestic industry.

Main opportunities in the petrochemical sector:

  • Refining and recycling of industrial waste.
  • Paint Industry.
  • Asphalt Industry.
  • Retreading tires.
  • Recycling of plastics.


In the last decade numerous studies have shown significant evidence of gold, diamonds, bauxite, tin, tungsten and coltan deposits throughout the country. In this sector, efforts are focused on improving the business climate for mining companies and investors by developing a simplified and comprehensive regulation for the mining industry and mineral processing in addition to the implementation of the principles of international transparency for the sector.

More information on opportunities in the sector: