Agriculture and Livestock

Equatorial Guinea is rich in biodiversity with several cases of unique species. The high quality of its natural resources such as timber and cocoa gave it the nickname "the pearl of Africa".


Equatorial Guinea has a high potential for the development of agricultural production. It has a    favourable climate for all kinds of tropical and subtropical crops, fertile soil, favourable rainfall and abundant water reserves. This sector offers unique opportunities for the development of small local industry initiatives. The crops grown in Equatorial Guinea include, among others:

Major investment opportunities in the agricultural sector:

  • Production and processing of cocoa and coffee.
  • Processing of juices and derivatives.
  • Production and processing of palm oil.
  • Production and processing of coconut oil.
  • Manufacture of soap.
  • Manufacture of fertilizers.
  •  Production and processing of cassava.
  • Production and processing of sugarcane.
  • Salt refineries.
  •  Agribusiness.


Livestock production includes chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Major investment opportunities in the livestock sector:

  •  Slaughterhouse and animal vaccination centre.
  •   Swine production.
  •   Eggs  production.
  •   Broilers production.
  •    Livestock production.