Today Equatorial Guinea is immersed in an emergency phase that focuses on an economic diversification capable of ensuring sustainable long-term growth. This process of economic diversification corresponds to the second phase of the "National Plan for Social and Economic Development for the Emergence of Equatorial Guinea towards the Horizon 2020".

National Development Plan  2020

Is based on four strategic areas:

The first phase of the "2020 Plan"  was focused on infrastructure development; government efforts now focus on continuing the development of other strategic areas. The successful transformation experienced by Equatorial Guinea in recent years in terms of basic infrastructure, has created a favourable environment for private sector development.

In February 2014 the First National Symposium was held on economic diversification "EMERGING EQUATORIAL GUINEA". The government of Equatorial Guinea, taking into account the final report of this symposium created the Co-Investment Fund (CIF). This fund of $ 1 billion from the state budget surpluses aims to invest in profitable projects that will reduce the economic dependence of the revenues generated by the hydrocarbons sector.

HOLDING E.G. as administrator of the CIF, its mission is to promote the private sector in the path towards economic diversification. Based on the objectives set by the State, HOLDING E.G. will  assess the investment projects submitted by local companies and foreign investors, these projects should focus on strategic sectors in which diversification is supported.

HOLDING E.G. will accept projects for assessment with proven profitability with the objective to generate jobs and added value. After analyzing and testing the feasibility of each project based on exclusively economic and commercial considerations,

 the Board of Directors of HOLDING E.G. will determine the degree of investment and participation of the State and shall unblock the CIF for the implementation of the project. This release of funds will give rise to a new national company in which HOLDING E.G. will be the minority shareholder; being the direction, management and administration thereof competence of the majority investor. Our mission is to ensure the continuity of the new company, providing support for the acceleration of required procedures, thus promoting its rapid establishment and ensuring the training of national staff.