holding equatorial guinea

Who we are?

HOLDING Equatorial Guinea 2020 is a public entity of exclusive State participation. Is organically attached to the Presidency of the Republic and functionally to the Ministry of  Finance and Budgets.

HOLDING E.G. has its own legal personality and full capacity to achieve its main objectives. Our entity manages and administers the Co-Investment Fund of the State for the promotion of economic diversification.

It establishes the criteria for the management of States' stocks and shares according to public interest, looking  for the best profitability  according to the strategies of the companies participating in HOLDING E.G.

Our company is governed by Private, Civil, Commercial and Labour Law, regardless of the matters in which Public Law is applicable. HOLDING E.G. is a private partner subject to the OHADA regulations, whose actions are subject to the approval of the Administration Board, chaired by H.E. Mr. Valentín Ela Maye, Vice-Minister of Economy, Planning and Public Investments. The management of HOLDING E.G. falls on Illustrious Mrs. Mariola Bindang Obiang, as General Director, and Illustrious Mrs. Patricia Mbasogo Obiang Lima, as Deputy General Manager.